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Date for MVC Race
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Given the Fact that there is only one week until the MVC race and only 15 people(mostly from our club) are signed up and that the third saturday in May has no races. I suggest we go back to that day next year. June is completely booked and we should not move to June as it would be worse. Just my two cents!

Talked to Diane Fortini and she had forgot to put it on....


Hi John,
Thanks for pointing that out. I was getting tired last night and must have completely missed it. I have added it to the calendar.
Sorry about that.
Diane Fortini
NEBRA Administrator
91 Hillcrest Rd.
Hanson, MA 02341
781-293-2383 (h)
781-293-9373 ( fax)
617-291-2604 (c)

There are no races scheduled for Saturday May 19th on the NEBRA calendar?
All the Races for 2012 are posted to the NEBRA calendar except the MVC race? I suggest in order to fill the MVC race it should go up on Bike-reg soon. Waiting until end of April will see many riders committed to other races by then.
John, unfortunately, we could not come up with another date that worked for enough people, so the MVC crit is going to be conflicting with the Blue Hills race on May 6th. Diane Fortini pointed out that Blue Hills fills up quickly, and she thought there would be plenty of people interested in doing the MVC race if they did not get into Blue Hills. This year May is just a tough month, as it has effectively lost one weekend for racing compared to other years. Hopefully next year we can get the race back to the 3rd weekend of the month.

Has the date for the MVC crit been approved? According to USA cycling the Blue Hills Classic is scheduled for May 6th?




Blue Hills Classic
Milton, MA
USAC Permit Number 2012-241

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