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Training seminar and physiological testing this Sa...
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NEMCA has arranged for a training seminar this Saturday at Aiden Charles' training studio in Middletown. There is also a discount offered for base metabolism and body composition analysis testing. This will be classroom only, no on-road or on bike activities.

NEMCA members can sign up on the NEMCA website, everyone else can sign up on BIkeReg. Contact Mitch or Denise if you are going to go and lets see if we can set up some car pools.

Train Right in Your Off Season

WHAT: A seminar and physical test clinic designed specifically for Masters
WHEN: 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM, February 4, 2012

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Masters Men and women interested in improving their understanding of how best to prepare for the coming season.

WHERE: CCNS Performance Center
353 Main St.
Middletown, CT 06457


Members: $20.00
Non Members: $25.00

HOW TO REGISTER: Log into the NEMCA Website, click Seminars and Clinics on the menu then click the highlighted link.

Format: Lecture and Discussion.


Train Right in the Off Season. Learn the do's and don’ts of the off season so that you can prepare for your best year yet. Nutrition, weight management, cross training are among the numerous topics that will be covered.

Base Mileage. We are all familiar with the term but few of us approach base mileage the right way. Join us as CCNS Head Coach Aidan Charles breaks down everything you need to know to take your base mileage and winter training to a new level. Expect detailed training suggestions, hand-outs and an open Q&A session.

Physical Testing:

During with the seminar, lab technicians will be available to conduct a limited number of Body Composition Analysis and Resting Metabolic Rate tests (see descriptions below). The combined fee for both tests is $59 for members, $65 for non-members. Separate registration required at: Register for Physical Tests

The tests are optional; you are welcome to attend the seminar without being tested. The tests will be conducted in such a way as to not interfere with your participation in the seminar.

Resting Metabolic Rate: Determine your exact metabolic and caloric needs. Determining your resting metabolic rate and caloric needs is crucial to safely and effectively lose weight, gain weight, enhance recovery, and have more energy! CCNS will help you determine your exact caloric needs using advanced calorimetry.

Body Composition Analysis: Are you too heavy? Are you too thin? How much weight can you lose and still maintain your optimal power? CCNS can help you determine you body composition and appropriate race weight. CCNS will help you feel confident about your weight standards and establish perfect weight loss goals and programs.

About the Instructor:

Coach Aidan Charles is a graduate of Mary Washington University, with a degree in Biology with concentrations in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology. Prior to becoming the Owner and Head Coach of the CCNS Performance Center, he raced professionally for the Nerac Pro Cycling Team as well as the USA National Team. He is still a successful Category 1 Road Racer (current Connecticut State Road Race Champion) and is Team Captain of the /CCNS Cycling Team.

Aidan has coached athletes to numerous athletic titles, including over 10 National Championship victories. He has also consulted various varsity and non-varsity collegiate athletic programs (including Mary Washington, Yale, and Wesleyan Universities) on training programs, periodization and methodology. Aidan enjoys helping all levels of athletes, from the beginner to the professional level, in a variety of endurance sports, including Cycling, Running, Rowing, and Multi-sport.
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