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Team clothing survey results are in, please see th...
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John, sorry I have not been as communicative about the team clothing as I would like, been pretty busy arranging this year's club sponsored race, and preparing a new clothing layout with Champion Systems. I should have the proofs of the new design by next week, so can place an order by next weekend. I am going to set up a whole new page on the team web site dedicated to team clothing, what we have, how to order, what the new design looks like, etc. Start thinking about what you want, the order will be placed soon.
Hi Mitch - can you provide an update on the status of the team uniform order (i.e. when we should plan to place our order)?
Mitch, thanks for the survey.  That was very useful and interesting information.
Please go see the survey results on the news page on the web site. I am hoping that we will have the sponsors lined up by early January, the proofs completed by the end of January, and a large(ish) order placed by the last day of January.
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