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Tuesday Night ride?
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There is a 5:00 pm ride from Mystic Cycle Center. This is a fast hilly 40ish mile ride. Average speed is 19 to 21 mph.

I have no idea.  My Moosup ride is going OK if anyone wants to check it out.  I missed one week while I was in California on business, which unfortunately was when Jeff Morin decide to check it out (sorry, Jeff).  Last night was cancelled due to the big storm that decide to blow through right at that time (including a tornado watch!).

On another note, one of the bad sections of Hell Hollow has been repaved, making a HUGE improvement.  The new paved section is from the Sterling line to the top of the first hill when coming from the West, so basically the whole first hill (1.5 miles) out of Plainfield is now nice and smooth.  The state forest part is still all chopped up.  However, what this new paving does is make an East to West crossing SO much better, as all the downhills are now on good pavement.

See you at the Mystic ride this Saturday AM.

Coming back from my ride tonight I passed a number of MVC riders heading out 201 towards route 2. Is there a ride from the mystic/groton area that goes out tuesday night? I was only aware of chips and the norwidh ride. I would be interetsed in tagging along.
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