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Jeremy Powers Wheelhouse Sports Grand Fundo 2011
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I'll be there !!!
about time someone posted something to the forum.  I thought everyone had left the site!
ditto to what Bob said. This was probaby the best ride and party I did last year. Don't bother doing the Hondo, the Fundo is more than tough enough, and you want to get back to the local craft beer and pig roast early anyway. If it isn't already sold out, do yourself a favor and commit.
One of the best rides I did last year was the Jeremy Powers Grand Fundo. The route is very challenging with a third of the ride on good quality dirt roads, lots of climbing, ice cream rest stops, and a great pig roast at the end. I used my cycle cross bike last year, but you can also use a road bike, but make sure you have good tires 25-27 mm are recomended. Additional information on the ride is provided below.


Jeremy Powers Wheelhouse Sports Grand Fundo 2011

LIMIT IS 350 entree's registration on

Date: 7/30/2011
Time: 10 AM
Location: 155 Glendale Road Southampton, MA
Fee: $55 / $65

Rain Or Shine // Must wear helmet, THIS IS NOT A RACE
No Prize list, as all proceeds go towards the J.A.M fund

About the Grand FUNdo:

In the cycling world, a granfondo is a massive group ride / race, sometimes thousands of riders, encompassing all levels and abilities, from pros to tourists. We have titled this ride a Grand FUNdo because it will be grand and more fun than any granfondo. The Fundo is not a race, It's 64 miles for the original FUNdo and 85 miles for the new HUNDO. (because it rides like a 100 miles) Both routes include approximately 20 miles of dirt roads. No rider will be left behind, rest stops will be provided along the route, lots of support riders and SRAM follow cars with spare wheels, tubes, tires and mechanics. Following the FUNdo, we'll retire for music, a generous raffle, our famous pig roast, bbq and beer, which we hope you will enjoy with us.

About the Grand HUNdo:

The HUNdo route is a “lolli-pop” loop off of the original 65 Mile FUNdo loop, as a participant in the HUNdo, you won’t miss any of the amazing views or roads offered on the FUNdo. We’re going to have extra rest stops, but this ride has skulls and cross bones for a reason. In our opinion only category 1 / 2 riders or folks who take training very seriously should ride the HUNdo. We will have a cut off time for participants to start their HUNdo loop so no one gets in over their heads.

Again, this lolli-pop is NOT for a beginner or even a weekend warrior. It’s very challenging and doubles the amount of elevation gain found on the 2010 FUNdo route. We expect this loop to add 1.5 hours to the front runners times.

About the J.A.M Fund:

J.A.M. is a fund created by Jeremy Powers, Alec Donahue and Mukunda Feldman. Good friends, brought together because of a passion for cycling over ten years ago. The goal of J.A.M. is to help motivated, young cyclists to reach their potential both on and off the bike, while not being limited by finances. This will be reached through close mentoring and involvement in the cycling community. Grants are and will continue to be issued to young cyclists in and around the Pioneer Valley who show the interest, determination, and desire to be their best. It's also our goal to showcase the amazing cycling that the pioneer valley offers! All entry fees go directly to the J.A.M fund. We look forward to seeing everyone there!

Helmets and proper riding clothing is mandatory.
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