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Whatcha Doing?
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I signed on with Coach Al and I'm doing a lot of work on the trainer, mostly short high quality work. I'm gonna try to get out on the roads on Sunday on my outdated mountain bike and hopefully more road work on my road bike later in the week. I plan on doing a few warm-up crits at plainville, then the Myles Standish road race Apr3.
Playing hockey once a week, raquetball 2x a week, and 3 days lifting.  Probably not enough exercise.
weekdays doing torture workouts on the trainer that Mark Dutka is planning out for me (THANK YOU, MARK!!!) and on Saturdays getting trashed on Amos' rides (and getting my bike REALLY dirty). Quabbin here I come (battenkill just too far,, too big, too early, too much dirt road and just too hyped up now). Also gearing for Myles Standish, having to miss Chris Hinds due to other commitments and racing Standish on Sunday that weekend). Maybe I will be at Newhouse.

It's time for that annual exercise called: "What are you doing to stay/get in shape for racing season which is right around the corner?" All right, we can shorten it to WAYDTSISFRSWIRATC.  Anyway, I'm teaching a 12-week indoor cycling class at Midtown Fitness in Putnam entitled "Spring Training 2011".  I have 10 students, ranging from 2 folks who are doing Battenkill, to a woman who does not want to get dropped anymore from the Monday night beginner ride.  They all wear heart rate monitors.  We've had 4 classes and no one has been absent once.  Each week I give a little instruction in various training topics.  This week was on the necessity of intervals.  Next week's topic is speedwork, utilizing Coach Al's paper that I found on the internet (here).  Nothing like a class of students to push me into better race shape.

Other than that, I am a snow shovelling fool!

I plan to be ready for the Ningret crits in April.  How about you, Ed?

So, whatcha goin'?


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