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Winter Riding Gear
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I have a pair of Craft winter tights with the windproof front, they are awesome for those cold and windy days on the road!  My absolutely favorite winter gear is my one pair of Pearl Izumi thermofleece tights with chamois.  They are the only layer I need for temperatures between 30 - 50 degrees.  I'm stil kicking myself for not buying a second pair when they were on wicked sale at Nashbar last month.  I would like to get a pair of PI Amfib tights like John has.  I am partial to tights with chamois.  I agree 100% with John also that our winter team jacket is a GREAT product!!!

Both ASSOS and Craft make excellent products. You can't beat ASSOS winter gear, but it is expensive. Craft also makes good products, i've used their winter under shirts that have a front wind break, very nice indeed.
I have never purchased anything from craft, but I have heard it is good stuff. I have descente arm, leg and knee warmers from excel sports. I have a pair of descente bib tights as well. For winter riding on the road I have a pair of pearl izumi AmFib bib tights, they are fleece lined and the front side is wind,water proof with zipper at ankle. I have some skull caps and heavier gloves too. IMO Assos stuff is the best, but it is also the most expensive. I have a pair of Assos F1 Mille bibs that I crashed and slid along the road in and they only got a 1/2 inch tear. When I fell at jamestown a few years ago in the team kit bibs they ripped apart. I buy there stuff when it goes on sale now thru feb, try excel sports, colorado or western bike. Bikeman also ahs some good sales. The team winter jacket is also awesome I wear that alot in the winter on the road and as a warmup jacket at the cross races. I need to get a team cross skinsuit but they are $$$.
I need to start thinking about getting some new winter gear for rides. What do you treasure most in your cycling wardrobe to keep you warm? Any favorite name brands? I keep getting stuff in the mail from Craft, does anyone have any experience with Craft? Thanks and happy riding !!
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