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Looking for Volunteers
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Folks - My company (SportSense) has partnered with FINIS to build a performance monitor for swimmers called Swimsense. You can check out the Swimsense here:

The last step we are taking before going to market is running a pilot to verify that everything is working the way we expect it to. So...we are looking for a few good volunteers to help test the watch. Here are the basic details:

1) we would need you to swim a minimum of 6 workouts over a 2 week period
2) all data will need to be uploaded to the swimsense training log
3) for each workout completed, there is a very brief survey (4 questions) that needs to be completed

In return, you get:
1) a very discounted coupon to the watch when we "go live"
2) a free 3 month subscription to the online training log
3) free goggles and swim cap
4) ...and best of all, som egreat feedback on your swim performance during the trial.

We are looking for volunteers to begin testing next week. If you are interested, please email me and I will fill you in on the rest of the details.

Thanks in advance!!

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