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What's your favorite (least favorite) hill ride?
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If you are up for a road trip then I would recommend Mt. Greylock in Ma. You can climb it from 2 sides one side is probably 4 to 5% avg. grade for over 8 miles takes about 40 mins. to climb. The other side is steeper and a little shorter maybe 7% avg grade with some steep sections of 15 or so takes about 50 minutes to climb. This is the longest climbs I know of in New England. We have made a couple of trips to train there with Amos Brumble doing a total of 3 climbs 2 on the lesser side sandwiched around 1 on the steep side for total of 2:10 of steady climbing!!! Really great training for races like GMSR!!!
A few other climbs in the Norwich area are the two approaches to the Norwich Business park (where Dodd stadium is). New Park Avenue off of route 32, or Connecticut Avenue off of Yantic flats. Some 11%+ on Connecticut and Wisconsin Ave's.
My favorite hill is Bishop Rd., just outside Norwich. You take Rte 82 west, take a right on South Rd at gas station. Bishop Rd is on right about a 5 min ride after the turn. Grade is probably over 12% at places and takes me about 4 min to get up. Great for doing repeats.
Mt. Archer road in Old lyme, 22% grade, although only a couple tenths of a mile.East rock road in new haven goes up to the summit of the park, 8-10% sections. Rte 49 north from patchaug state forest to sterling, ~7-8% over 8 miles(nice views of RI on a clear day)
If you are up for a road trip my two favorite rides are the Kangamangus trail from lincoln to north conway, NH, 36miles and several thousand feet of elevation gain and my most favorite climb, Mt. washington auto road, only open to bikes for the race in august, 7.6 miles to the highest point in the northeast, 6288 feet, average 10%, the last 75 yards is over 20%. Done the race 4 times.
three others: Gallup Hill Road off of Shewville, sometimes turning left onto Wendell Comrie Road. This one has short steep sections, then flats, then steep, so you can do short hard sprint repeats, or do one all out climb that will have changing difficulty. About a 5 to 6 minute hard ride from Shewville to the stop sign at the end of Wendell Comrie.

Chester Main Road in North Stonington: good long climb with a nice winery with scenic views at the top (perhaps we should organize a repeat workout on this hill, with a stop at the wine tasting room at completion some Friday?? Make a change from Harp and Hound)

Baldwin Hill Road/ Pleasant Valley Road / Ohio Ave all climb a small steep hill near the sub base in Groton that is a nasty climb, easy to do repeats by climbing up and over, then back, repeat. Can be combined with a series of flat sprints on Long Cove Road, as that is the best way to get there from the Mystic area.
So Dylan, you're seeking out the hill climbs are you, the bigger, steeper and longer the better?  It brings joy to my heart to hear of another fool searching for more and harder sufferinggrounds.  I'm lucky (?) that where I work in Killingly there are numerous 1/2 mile hills.  I have one favorite ride linking up 6 of them into what I call the Pain District.

Anyway, some of the classics north and east of Mystic include:
1. Wyassup Road in North Stonington - going north there are 3 decent climbs which end at Rt. 49, each about 3/4 mile long at about 7-8%.
2. Rt. 49 in North Stonington - going north it's a steady uphill for about 3 miles, averaging maybe 3%.
3. Cassaduck Hill  - the start of Rt. 201 from Rt. 2 in North Stonington is 5/8 mile at 9%.  Great for repeats!
4. Hell Hollow Rd in Plainfield - Going east, this is about 1.5 miles at about 5%, the longest real climb in this neighborhood.  Then there is a second climb that's steeper (maybe 11% at the worst) but somewhat shorter.
5. Northwest Corner Road in North Stonington - 1/2 mile or so at about 7% in a scenic area.
6. Rt. 14A going east out of Plainfield (exit 88 on Rt. 395) - 2 climbs, the first about a mile at 7% and the second a little bit shorter and less steep, on a great new wide road in a quiet setting, makes this a popular choice.

Enjoy the pain!  Chip
I am looking for some great hill rides. Besides just doing Pequot Trail repeats, what is the biggest hill in the area you can think of? Or, if not just one hill, perhaps a ride with a series of alot of challenging hills. The bigger, steeper, and longer the better.
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