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Road condition reports, please
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All of Fire street in Montville has been layered with loose gravel and about a half mile of Huntsbrook also is covered.
Did a group ride with the EB cycling club yesterday. Military highway has some standing water and a few potholes, but is othewise OK. Crossed Rt 12 then up and over Baldwin hill, to Long Cove road to Vinegar hill to Sandy Hollow to 117, cross 117 to Lambtown, to Gallup Hill road, down Shewville. All in good shape except for potholes on Shewville just north of 184. Went to see the canyon cutting across 184 just east of the traffic light at Shewville, then went to River road. North end of River Road is a mess, you have to walk your bike through about 50 yards at the small pond just south of the traffic light at rt 27. Back to EB by River / Bindloss / Sandy Hollow / Flanders / Rogers / 184 / 117 / Rt 1 / Airport / Avery Point.

All in all, roads were all quite passable except for the 50 yards of River Road.
Lantern Hill is torn up in many different places with a big pot hole on the second to last corner before rt 184. There is also a big pot hole on rt 27 at the fork near the cider mill. Ride safe!
Given the recent catastrophic events, I was struggling to figure out a route for a ride this afternoon that was not going to encounter road closures or bad potholes. I thought it might be nice if everyone could report on the road conditions they have found to this thread over the next week or two, so we can all know where we can still ride in relative safety, and where to avoid.

For my part, I did a ride today going up Farmholme to Barnes road, to North Main, Old Pequot trail to Al Harvey, Al Harvey all the way north to 201, 201 north to Route 165 in Griswold, then 165 east to Voluntown, then down 49 all the way back to Pawcatuck, hung a right onto Elmridge, North Anguila, South Anguila to home.

Roads were generally quite good, bit of water here and there, but nothing hard to avoid. The only rough spots were a fair amount of debris on a short stretch of rt 49 on the side of the road about 2 to 3 miles south of Voluntown, and quite a few bad potholes on South Anguila on the short hill just south of Pequot trail. As I said, better than I had feared. Route 184 is blocked at the intersection of 49 and 184, you cannot go west on 184 from there.
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